Concord Grape Jelly

Start with fresh Concord Grapes from Ontario and a weekend plan to stay at home. Wash the grapes, mash the grapes, boil the pulp, drain the pulp overnight, boil the juice with sugar, seal in hot jars. Presto … concord grapes put up for the winter.

Rally before the Rain

The People’s Social Forum kick-started a four day event here in Ottawa with a march to Parliament Hill.

Dubbed the Woodstock of left-wing politics, the forum focuses on 17 themes:

  1. Climate;
  2. Communication;
  3. Community;
  4. Control;
  5. Earth;
  6. Economy;
  7. Food;
  8. Gender;
  9. Governance & Democracy;
  10. Impoverishment;
  11. International;
  12. Knowledge;
  13. Migration;
  14. Movements;
  15. Public services;
  16. Spirit; and
  17. Work.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) was there and dutifully reported on the rally, focusing on 2 more themes of (typically mundane) Canadian interest … the frustrating commute (“people were waiting 10-15 minutes at points”) and the weather (“well Adrian, that rain has chased them all away”).