Sunset over Warren Lake, Cape Breton Highlands National ParkOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A break in the clouds near Cap Rouge, Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Murphy’s Point – Soft Backcountry Camping

Murphy’s Point is a provincial park in Ontario that offers an opportunity for those who want to try back-country camping – but are not quite sure they are cut out for it. There are 4 campground areas that are designated ‘paddle-in’ with 2 to 4 campsites on each. I chose Feldspar for a 2 night stay. The first night I was totally alone, the second I was joined by 2 other female paddlers from BC.

Feldspar was a mere 5-7 minute paddle from the boat launch. If I left anything necessary behind, it would have been easy to go back for it. Let’s be honest, that hardly qualifies as backcountry. But it was a fun 2 days of paddling on Big Rideau Lake and 2 soft backcountry nights.

Murphy’s Point is home to the Gray Ratsnake – a constrictor (yes, it squeezes its dinner to death) – a species considered threatened in this region. Yes, it can swim. Yes, I saw one while bathing in the evening. Yes, I let out a little scream – I am not sure I am cut out for backcountry camping. Give me a break!